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Would you like to be our Primary Sponsor?

  • If you would like to make a real difference in the life of someone who has felt the pain of a loved one who decided suicide was the only option, then please reach out to us.

  • If you want to make a difference in this world where there are so many who feel suicide is the only way, then reach out to us.

  • If you want to stop suicide in the Veteran communities, the Law Enforcement communities and the First Responders, PLEASE reach out to us and find out how to be our Primary Sponsor.

  • IGYSIX Continue the Mission is making an impact in spreading awareness about suicide. We are making an impact on the education of suicide. We pray we are making an impact on prevention of suicide.

Help us help those who need it most and never reach out.

Contact us at 


If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor for ;IGYSIX, please click on the link below. This will allow you to let us know what your intention is. For example if you wanted to be a Platinum, Gold, Red or Teal Sponsor. At this time we would walk you through the process. Help us help others...we cannot do this without your generosity.

Thank you to all our sponsors.  Our Success is dependent on your generosity.   

Platinum Sponsors
Gold Sponsors
$1500 - $2499

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Red Sponsors
$1000 - $1499
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Teal Sponsors
$500 - $999
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