Haven for Heroes, founded in December of 2018, is a stand-alone, non-profit, substance and alcohol-free board and lodging facility, that provides recovery and transitional housing to service members and Veterans.

Services are either brought in from the surrounding community, or Veterans will have access to services and various activities in this community—including those provided by the VA, or in cooperation with the VA, and other supportive entities. 

The Anoka Community has preserved, restored, and provided these historical Cottages and Auditorium for the purpose of helping our veterans. This is a grateful community filled with those who have served, past and present, and civilians who are appreciative, thankful, and eager to give back to our heroes. 

The prevalence of Veterans having diagnoses of mental health concerns such as TBI and PTSD, along with serious substance abuse means we must be diligent. We realize that there are Veterans in our surrounding communities who also struggle with these things and opening up our in-house programs to them will provide a beacon of light in the community for help and hope. 



Honor and hold yourself and others in high esteem.

Addiction is not your friend.

View life as a gift to be lived abundantly!

Empower yourself to succeed and be happy.

Never give up on your goals and dreams.