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The ;IGYSIX- Continue the Mission Benefit Ride is Saturday, July 13th, 2024. We are always the Second Saturday in July.



;IGYSIX- Continue the Mission Benefit Ride

St. Francis American Legion Post #622

3073 Bridge St NW

St Francis, MN 55070


Saturday, July 13th, 2024

We have also made some changes to improve the ride as well.


  • Our Vendor fee to $50. After you complete the Vendor Registration, follow the link to pay you Vendor Fee.
  • You will be assigned a 10’x10’ site (please contact me if you need more space), 2 event wrist bands (meal and After Party) more available for small fee.
  • This is an OUTDOOR event. You are responsible for bringing chairs, canopy, tables, your merchandise to sell, etc. for your setup.
  • We will start and end ride at the ST.FRANCIS AMERICAN LEGION . Vendors will be able to drop trailers the Friday before the ride. Security will be available


Setup Options

Option 1 You MAY setup starting at 900am, Saturday Morning. This will allow you to set up and meet all participants before the ride as well as after, however after the ride departs there will be very few people at the American Legion .


Option 2 You can setup at 2pm-3pm while the ride is occurring. Ride will be

returning to American Legion approximately 330pm this will allow for less

downtime for vendors.


Tear Down We recommend you tear down and pack up by 6pm before band starts. You MAY stay setup later if you wish but may be difficult to get out once the band starts. You CAN stay for band and festivities.


  • There is a Party Bus for those who do not ride, so they can participate as well.
  • AMERICAN LEGION  will be providing a dinner after ride

Vendor Registration Fee

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