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Mission Statement:

Our mission at ;IGYSIX is to raise awareness of Veteran Suicide, Veteran Homelessness and provide support to those in need. The term ;IGYSIX is a Veteran term used to indicate to those contemplating suicide, that they are not alone, their Brothers and Sisters in arms have their back, their ‘Six O’clock”. By connecting Veterans in need to community partners and resources we can provide the support they need in their struggle. We got your Six. It is our intention to expand our reach to additional areas such as Law Enforcement, First Responders and the thousands of others who fall victim to contemplating suicide.

We will pick one Beneficiary each year to ride for. As a community we will raise money, bridge resources to help where needed and to support someone who may desperately need it. The Beneficiary who is selected by the ;IGYSIX Continue the Mission Board is a person who has fallen on a difficult period in their lives due to circumstances beyond their control.

              • This could be living through the loss of a loved one who has succumbed to the terrible 

                disease of suicide – we know the difficulties which follow such a tragic event and we are

                here to help

              • It could also be a person who has been able to identify the need for help and is requesting

                our assistance – asking for help is so difficult and it is always easier when it is offered


Please click link below and complete the form according to the instructions and email to

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